About Liam
About Liam

About Liam

Liam O'Connell is a culture change and employee engagement speaker who specialises in inspiring people to create fantastic business cultures.

If creating a successful and vibrant culture, with delighted customers and engaged employees is your aim, then Liam can help.

Liam helps you take a comprehensive approach to achieving a top performing business culture. He is an employee engagement and culture change speaker who has worked with many ‘Sunday Times Best companies to work for' and numerous other award winning organisations in the private, public and charitable sectors.

Liam works with you in a number of different ways to help you achieve your objectives. Often this is in the form of a keynote speech or organising an inspirational team conference or away day event. Some organisations also work with Liam to help train their managers in inspirational leadership or presentation skills.

Liam is not only a talented key note speaker he has a proven track record of implementing culture change programmes for many businesses in the Private, public and charitable sectors. These initiatives have led to a direct positive increase in customer satisfaction, employee morale and business performance.

He has also created successful internal cultural, vision & value brands and inspirational change events for businesses throughout the UK.

This enables Liam to talk with authority on all aspects of Culture Change & employee engagement, he has literally been there, done it and got the T Shirt!

Liam believes in inspiring people to create great businesses and lives. His innovative and off-the-wall style is equally entertaining, fun and thought provoking.

Most importantly he has a unique ability to connect with people at all levels. He has worked on the front line, through to Executive level and the Board Room, he does achieve amazing results and he doesn’t just talk about positive business change he makes it happen.

Highly successful leaders and organisations understand that motivated and engaged employees are the secret to delivering unforgettable customer service, increasing productivity and creating a successful and vibrant business culture.

Liam helps you take a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve a top performing business culture. He is an expert people motivator and change facilitator, who can help you make a lasting connection with your employees and help build trust, pride and respect. He can help you bring about the positive changes in your business that you want to see.

Liam has spoken to thousands of people, at venues including Imperial College London, Lords and Harrogate. He has had the pleasure to work with many organisations in the Public, Private and Charitable sectors.

His successful books on people motivation, culture change and change management have been published in many different countries.

These are challenging times, but there are positive times ahead and by motivating your people to become ambassadors for your business and developing a shared culture and vision that people really believe in you can achieve fantastic results.

As Liam always says and passionately believes...

"It really is all about people"


What people say about Liam

"I really can't praise Liam enough - his professionalism and attention to detail alongside his creative talents are second to none! Our staff were buzzing after the recent three staff conferences that he facilitated and designed for us. The staff feedback has been incredibly positive - they simply loved the days!Not only did we drive home some important serious messages but we had amazing fun days too."

Julie Doyle, Chief Executive, The Longhurst Group

"Liam facilitated the newest edition to Housing, Europe’s largest housing event, and we were absolutely delighted with his work, professionalism, enthusiasm and energy. As were the sponsor, the speakers and the audience. The Fringe helped Housing win Conference of the Year at the Global Conference Awards and it remains the most important feature for us and our stakeholders. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liam’s work to others.”

Sarah Payling, Ocean Media, Events Director

"The University of Essex won the best student halls accommodation national customer service Award. Over three years we worked closely with Liam. His invigorating and inspiring approach to cultural change has been hugely successful and the award is testament to the success of the change programme. Our people are delivering fantastic service to our customers and we could not have done it without Liam’s help.”

Darren Baker, Business Development Manager, University of Essex

"Liam energised us all at our conference making it engaging and uplifting, many thanks"

Tracey Rogers, 
Managing Director, 
Unilever foods

"Liam inspired colleagues to think about how they can cope positively with changes to their lives and influence things for the better. He really uplifted the audience, creating a buzz around the room.”

Zoe O'Neill, Corporate Communications Lead, NHS Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit (GMCSU)

"Liam has a wonderful knack of helping you see things in a different way. With a fun and engaging style his philosophy helps drive a culture of performance and fulfilment"

Drew Steven-king,
 Head of culture and development,