Customer care is dead...Create a vibrant business culture!
Customer care is dead...Create a vibrant business culture!

Customer care is dead...Create a vibrant business culture!

Posted on 6 October 2016

Customer Care is dead, you might think I am crazy saying that! But how many of you have ever been on customer care training courses that on their own have helped create a successful organisation and vibrant culture?

It takes more than just a customer care course, it is about the culture of an organisation, 'the way you do things around here' understanding the main point of why you come to work and as leaders ensuring that everybody has a clear vision and understanding of their purpose.

I often use the phrase 'it's all about people' and after working with more than a hundred organisations in the public, private and charitable sectors, I have a clear understanding that motivated and inspired people, working passionately together towards a shared goal, is the main reason why some organisations achieve great success and others simply don't.

People often ask me how do I  start to change a business culture, well a lot of it is common sense, or perhaps good sense is a better phrase because if it was common sense everybody would be doing it.

The first step is to create urgency for change, give people a reason to want to change. A shock to the system, a wake up call, be that financial pressures, a reorganisation, a new leader, whatever the reason, it is absolutely vital to appeal to hearts and minds and ensue everybody is clear about why change is necessary.

All the truly great and successful organisations that I have worked with have a number of similar traits;

Create a clear strategy for change

Ensure your leaders are fully engaged and on board 

Engage everybody in the change process

Focus on what is important

Stamp your vision and culture throughout your business (from recruitment to appraisal)

Create a group of positive ambassadors at all levels to keep the change process and culture alive

Deal with negative and underperforming people ( the ducks as I call them in my book)

Inspire  and motivate the 95% of people who want to make a positive difference

Leave a legacy of excellence - Aim to be the best at what you do

and remember Happy focussed people = happy customers, without a doubt a happy workforce is a more productive workforce.

You can immediately sense, feel and smell the culture of an organisation the second you walk through the door. Every business has a choice, every leader has a choice to create a great place to work where people are passionate about what they do and deliver amazing customer service. But as I said at the start, you need more than just a customer care course its about creating a vibrant business culture.

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Top performing organisations understand that motivated and engaged employees are the secret to creating a successful business culture, increasing productivity and delivering unforgettable customer service.

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Liam O’Connell is an expert culture change consultant, people motivator, speaker and internationally published author. He has worked with many ‘Sunday Times’ Best Companies and organisations in the private, public and charitable sectors. He has created successful culture change strategies and inspirational events for business throughout the UK. Liam believes that motivated and engaged people are essential to achieve your business goals.

John Giesen is the former Chief Executive of B3 Living a top performing Housing Association with a high profile reputation. John led B3 to become a Sunday Times Best Company, including 5 years consecutively in the top ten. Under John's leadership B3 also rose to become number 4 in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index. John is also the new chair of TPAS and is passionate about inspiring people and ensuring equality and diversity is at the heart of any organisation.

Together we bring vast experience and practical advice to achieve the changes you want to see and inspire passion, pride and energy in your people! 


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