Find the key within you!
Find the key within you!

Find the key within you!

Posted on 17 May 2017

It's all about people!

I work with many different companies and I have this scale called good to great. People often ask me why it is that just occasionally organisations can be truly great. The single most defining factors the great companies is the people and the culture they create. People who are passionate about what they do, delivering incredible customer experiences and most importantly having fun at the same time. They love their jobs and the positive difference they make to others. They ask themselves the reason they come to work in the first place.


They focus on what's important and develop a positive obsession to ensure they achieve their aims in life and business. These days with 24 hour news, tablets, phablets and constant bombardment from all angles, it is even more important to focus on what is important and develop a fierce determination to achieve their aims.


They understand what motivates them, family, success, teamwork, and just as importantly they understand what motivates others.

Everybody is motivated by different things at different times and successful organisations and people spend a lot of time motivating and engaging with people to help them be the best they can be.

Ask yourselves three questions

What are you passionate about?

What is important to you?

What makes you happy?

It might take some time to come up with the answer, but it will help you focus and think about your goal and motivation in life and business

Change Happens

They understand that change happens but its how we deal with it that's important.

There is tremendous opportunity for people and organisations to achieve fantastic success if they embrace change and understand that change is constant. People who shape their future and don't just react to what is happening, will achieve their aims in life and business.

Dealing with negativity 

Successful people surround themselves with positive people. It is easy to be knocked off course by intense negativity, believe in yourself, remember don't feed the ducks, the water off the ducks back brigade, concentrate on being the best you can be. Remember what you think you become, who you spend time with you become, choose the positive

The key is within you 

Everybody has massive potential, remember the words of my mom;

You can not you can't

You will not you won't

If you have a dream, make the dream come  true

And never ever give up!

Believe in the power of your dreams, but the most important thing is to take action to make them come true. Words without action will achieve nothing.

The key is within us all, go for it, remember it is all about people. Passionate people  with ideas that can change their own lives and possibly even the world.