Happy 'focused' people = happy customers

Happy 'focused' people = happy customers

Posted on 22 July 2013

Happy ‘focused’ people = Happy customers!

Last week I was speaking at an event for the Chartered Institute of Housing in a very sunny Brighton at the fantastic venue, The Brighton Centre,

The venue was immaculate and will be a brilliant base for next year’s South East conference, but as ever what struck me was the helpfulness and friendliness of the people who work there.

Right from the catering, to the sound engineers and the organisers they generally seemed to be relaxed and happy in their work. I often quote the line Happy people = happy customers and this was certainly true in this case. However there is an important word that i always add now, Happy ‘Focused’ people = Happy customers. It is great to create a fantastic working environment but vital that you have a shared focus and goal. The Brighton Centre seemed to have a very strong focus and culture of customer service excellence

I have recently been working on some exciting internal cultural re-branding and communication projects that help people to ensure their business messages are focussed and fully embedded in the business. Here are my top five tips to ensure success.

1) Fully involve everybody, employees at every level in the creative process, right from the start get them on board, enthusiastic and fired up!

2) Create a small creative team to work on the actual brand and messages and pull everything together, four or five people, not to many but enough to have creative discussions and fun!

3) Ensure your messages and brand are meaningful to your people and work for your organisation – It has to be the right fit for you!

4) Be imaginative and interesting, but remember keep things simple – we are in an age of instant communication, messages need to hit the mark and quickly!

5) Stamp and embed your brand and messages throughout your business from recruiting for attitude, to induction, appraisal and training!

If i can help you in any way with People engagement, culture change consultancy, organising your next employee conference or speaking at your event please get in touch.

Remember...It’s all about people!

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