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Lights camera Inspire2action

Posted on 7 March 2013

Lights camera inspire2action

People often ask me if I had to choose one thing that really makes a difference to creating a positive business culture what would it be?

Hmm a tough one that...many things combine to produce a great business and place to work, off the top of my head and in no particular order;

Recruiting for attitude
Internal communications
Great managers
Shared sense of purpose

Ah ha i have it ...Shared purpose... That's the one I'm going to concentrate on for the next five minutes. It's the glue that binds everything together really. Understanding why you come to work every day and what you are contributing towards.

Inspiring people to believe in what they are doing. I have recently helped create an internal brand for a Housing Association called HOPE - Helping people everyday! This reminded people of their core purpose, housing people and making a difference to their residents lives and the communities they live in.

To help us embed this we created a remarkable film called Wood - it's a simple choice set in a wood recycling yard. Many of you will have come across the world famous training video Fish, well it was our version of that. We couldn't have done it without the amazing people at the wood yard!

Totally unscripted they were filmed going about their daily work and illustrating four different themes to explain the new Hope brand.

It was incredibly successful and thanks to Kaz, Dave, Jim and the others at the wood yard helped make a fun, and yet emotional and unforgettable connection with team members.

It helped people remember what their shared purpose was, an understanding that the people first culture of wood can be transferred to any business.

The title of this blog is Lights, Camera Inspire2action and throughout my years as a culture change consultant I have found film to be the most powerful tool in embedding shared purpose and the tipping point for change.

Yes it is only one element of the change process and we can't forget internal communications, strong leadership and many other things but if you get it right you can make a massive difference!

The only thing is not many people get it right! If you set out to make a film it has to make an emotional connection with the audience. How many people make boring back slapping corporate videos, that are slick yes but are ultimately pointless as they fail to engage the viewer and are only watched once and consigned to the nearest shelf or IPad file.

At Inspire2action I am determined to make films that totally make a connection with people and make a huge difference to achieving business goals, whether that is helping you embed an internal brand, bring about change, lobby for a particular cause or engaging with your people in anyway.

The most important thing though is the people. In all the films I have made I never use scripted boring PR speak. It is the people's voice that matters, real, passionate, fun, exciting even dare I say it controversial. Harness the powerful first hand message of people and align it with your business objectives and you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

If you would like to see the full Wood film e-mail me at or go to my website and find out more about the talented inspire2 action team