The “secret” culture of employee engagement

The “secret” culture of employee engagement

Posted on 20 February 2013


Recently i took some time to reflect on what really makes a difference to the success of a business. I thought about all the organisations i have worked with recently on customer service excellence, culture change and employee engagement. Their secret combines a number of different things but is probable best summed up by my favourite saying “It’s all about people.” And it really is!


Often it is the leaders that make the difference, and leaders are not necessarily the Chief Executive, Directors and managers, but can be leaders at any point or level of an organisation. They just get it! They are passionate about what they do and understand the importance of engaging and motivating people to create an incredibly successful business with a shared sense of purpose. They create or champion a vision that people buy into, follow and develop a sense of belonging and belief.


This culture of employee engagement is not something that happens in a few weeks or even months, it is built up over a period of time until the “positive culture” of customer service excellence is a habit, that is well and truly learnt and lived by all on a daily basis.


Some people say it is just common sense, but if it was common everybody would be doing it and they certainly aren’t! So let’s call it good sense then, and it is not only people who talk about it, it is the ones who actually take action to do something and make change happen.


My top ten tips for excellent employee engagement


1)      Employ great people, for attitude and personality

2)      Have the difficult conversations with people who are consistently underperforming

3)      Use internal communications to help establish a positive culture

4)      Praise, motivate, reward excellence at every opportunity

5)      Create a compelling sense of purpose that is communicated and shared by everybody

6)      Take a cradle to grave approach and stamp your vision (cultural brand) right through your business from recruitment to appraisal and beyond

7)      Involve employees in charitable/community work that enables them to give something back, even better if it is linked to your core business purpose

8)      Invest in the training and development of your people – but ensure that it has a positive impact on the success of your business

9)      Identify your star people and nurture and encourage them to fulfil their potential

10)   Ensure your leaders are truly positive ambassadors for your business, are positive role models who lead by example (This is often one of the most important areas for accelerating cultural change)


There are many more ways to engage with employees and continue to create a brilliant business but the above ten tips will certainly help!

Liam O'Connell

People Engagement and Communication Solutions