Your Instant Guide - Public speaking & presentation skills

Your Instant Guide - Public speaking & presentation skills

Posted on 17 November 2014

Chapter One

You can speak!

Hello and welcome, I imagine that you are reading this to help you improve your speaking and presentation skills.

I can’t guarantee to turn you into a successful international speaker overnight, but I can certainly promise to share with you every little bit of knowledge I have gained in over 30 years of presenting to audiences of thousands of people, at hundreds of different venues. Most presentation skills courses are run by people who don’t present for a living.
Your instant guide will give you practical tips from me and my friends and colleagues in the Professional Speaking Association.

I can honestly say I love speaking with a passion, I come alive on stage, the adrenalin rush, the buzz and total interaction with the audience, for me it’s a fantastic experience. Speaking in public has opened many doors for me; it has enabled me to meet many great people in different countries and provided business opportunities that I never could have dreamed of.

But here’s the thing, it doesn’t come easy. I still get nervous before every speech, I still get anxious as the days and hours count down and I still worry about being the best I can be every time.

But by following a tried and tested routine I can control my nerves and turn up on the day ready and able to deliver the best possible speech. Without proper preparation I will not present to my full potential.

Without proper preparation you cannot present to your full potential

Anybody has the ability to become a great speaker or do fantastic presentations, but we all need to work hard at it and believe we can do it. When I stand on stage in front of hundreds of people they don’t know that when I was younger I was a shy, nervous, and, some would say, introverted child. I was in the backward class at school; I came from a broken home and the memory of domestic violence and a troubled childhood.

But I had the most brilliant mom who throughout all our challenges always encouraged me and told me I could achieve almost anything if I believed in myself, worked hard and most importantly never gave up.

I never thought that I could or would be a professional speaker, it was the last thing I expected but, just like my mom told me, you can do it if you really want to. You have to believe you can do it. This instant guide will help you believe and build your confidence. Good presentation and public speaking skills can make a massive positive difference to your life. So without any delay here are my seven golden rules that I will cover in depth throughout this guide.

The seven golden rules

1. Understand your audience
2. Practise properly and thoroughly
3. Make an emotional connection with people
4. Prepare structured, interesting and informative content
5. Bring honesty, passion and energy to your presentation
6. Have fun, be yourself and play to your strengths
7. Leave your audience with valuable take-home information

I am also honoured to have been given fantastic contributions to this guide from fellow speakers and members of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA). One of the best pieces of advice I was given when I first started speaking was to join the PSA and meet and watch other top speakers in action. You can find out more information at

Take a few moments now and ask yourself the reasons why you want to improve your presentation skills and more importantly think of the positive outcomes that will happen when you do!

30 second thought

As a speaker when you go on stage you are asked to present, the only thing that matters is that audience. Be in the room with them, don’t think about yesterday or your next presentation. The most important speech is the one you are delivering at the moment. Give it 100% and imagine it is your last one.
Nigel Risner

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